Saleh Ahmed, Bangladeshi actor, Died at 83

Saleh Ahmed was born between 1936 and 1937, and died on April 24, 2019; he was a Bangladeshi actor.

He has been sojourning at home for the past three years following a brain stroke. Lately, his condition has improved a little, but the once regular small screen actor is not yet fit enough for outdoor shooting.

Saleh, who has been charming the audience for two decades and got numerous recognitions, has expressed his desire to make a comeback in an interview with New Age.

‘I used to shoot for two or three teleplays a day when I was well. But, these days I settle at home, and I miss my work,’ Saleh said.
‘But, that does not indicate that I have left acting. A few days back I acted in a teleplay for BTV. It was, shot at my home. I hope to become normal in acting again,’ he added.

Saleh became famous through Humayun Ahmed’s famous drama serial Aoymoy aired on BTV and hiss film Aguner Poroshmoni.

Before the independence of the country, Saleh used to act in TV plays occasionally.

It was Humayun Ahmed who drew him back for regular acting following his retirement from public service in 1991.

Saleh Ahmed passed away at the age of 83.