Su Yuchang, Chinese martial artist, scholar and physician, Died at 78

Su Yu-chang was born on June 24, 1940, and died on April 29, 2019.

He was a Taiwanese martial artist, scholar and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine.

He dedicated his life to teaching kung fu, traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine everywhere throughout the world.

His dad, Su Cheng-sheng (蘇正生), was one of the individuals from the amazing Taiwanese Kano baseball crew.

He began his investigations of Kung Fu at eight years old under Praying Mantis Master Chang Tekuei, who came to function as an outsider from territory China and showed him Mizong Quan and Pimen Tanglang Quan.

Subsequent to examining with different popular experts, he moved toward becoming since 1963 a remarkable pupil of Liu Yunqiao, organizer of the Wutan Center for the Promotion of Chinese Wushu, an organization to which he gave global progression as the Pachi Tanglang Martial Arts Institute, with branches worldwide.

During 1976, he made a trip to Venezuela, where he settled in Caracas.

While keeping an eye on a flourishing routine with regards to Chinese conventional prescription, he established the Instituto Pachimen (八極門).

Amid this period, he filled in as VP of the South American Martial Arts Federation.

In 1989 he made a trip to Mallorca, where he established the main European part of his organization, presently rebranded Pachi Tanglang Martial Arts Institute.

Presently a Barcelona branch opened, and in 1992 Master Su was employed to prepare uncommon security groups for the Olympic Games in Barcelona.

In the next years, new parts of the school were opened in Tokyo, New York, the Netherlands, Norway, and the UK.

He would go through the year doing the rounds of the Institute the world over, verifying the transmission for children of the abundance of information he had accumulated.

In later years, he came back to his local Taiwan, where he fortified the Taipei and Kaohsiung parts of the school, and from where he would keep on voyaging broadly.

He died calmly in La Palma, Canary Islands, in April 2019.

Su Yu-chang passed away at 78 years old.