V. Viswanatha Menon, Indian politician, Died at 92

Vadakkoot Viswanatha Menon was born on January 15, 1927, in Ernakulam and died on May 3, 2019.

He was a Communist leader and former minister in the southern state of Kerala in India.

Menon also served as a member in the Indian Parliament.

He was the child of Narayana Menon, who was a legal counselor, and Vadakkoot Lakshmikkuttiyamma, his mother.

His dad had a place with Ambady, a well known Nair group of Cochin.

Menon was a political extremist in his childhood, charged in the Communist assault on the Edappally police headquarters.

Menon was a pioneer of Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Kerala.

Beginning his profession as an understudy dissident in the Indian autonomy development in his place of graduation Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam, he turned out to be prominently known as Ambady Viswam among his friends, seniors, and almost ones.

He was one of the mainstream youth pioneers in Kochi around then, attributable to his feelings and activities against the decision world class.

A devotee of Mahatma Gandhi since adolescence, he was slanted towards socialism amid his understudy days because of the impact of noticeable.

Menon passed away at 92 years old.