Vladimir Boltyansky, Russian mathematician, Died at 93

Mathematician Vladimir Grigorevich Boltyansky was born on April 26, 1925, in Moscow and died on April 16, 2019.

He was a Soviet and Russian mathematician, educator and author.

Boltyansky wrote the well known mathematical books and articles.

Vladimir Boltyansky was best known for his books on topology, combinatorial geometry, and Hilbert’s third problem.

He was given the Lenin Prize (for the work led by Pontryagin, Revaz Gamkrelidze, and Evgenii Mishchenko ) for applications of differential equations to optimal control.

He earned the Uzbek SSR prize for the work on ordered rings, in 1967.

Boltyansky was a teaches at CIMAT before his death.

Boltyansky served as a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education.

Boltyansky wrote over 200 books and mathematical articles.

Vladimir Boltyansky passed away at 93 years old.