Voja Miric, Serbian actor, Died at 86

Vojislav “Voja” Miric was born on April 7, 1933, and died on April 23, 2019.

He was a Serbian television and film actor most noted for his role as Ahmed Nurudin in the 1974 Yugoslav movie Dervis I smart (literally “Dervish and Death” but more popularly known as Death and the Dervish).

Vojislav was born on April 7, 1933, in Trstenik, central Serbia. His film career spanned over 30 years.

His first presentation was on television in 1960: Veliki poduhvat. In 1964, Vojislav won the “Silver Arena” award as Best Actor in the Pula Film Festival of Yugoslavian Films for the Fadil Hadžić movie Službeni položaj.

Vojislav last appearance was in Amnezija in 1994. However, it was his appearance as the medieval Bosnian Dervish in the 1974 movie Derviš I smart (The Dervish and Death) that made him famous.

Vojislav Miric sadly passed away on April 23, 2019; he was 86 years old.