William Wuttunee, lawyer & politician, Died at 87

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William Wuttunee was born in 1928, and died October 31, 2015.

He was the Canadian First Nations chief, lawyer, politician and human rights activist and adviser to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

William was the first Native, aboriginal lawyer in Western Canada and a friend and political ally of Tommy Douglas

He was also an early defence lawyer on human rights issues such as homosexuality, a key person in convening the first national Chief’s conference (and the first national Chief), and above all, an Assembly of First Nations strategist around the issue of residential schools and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

William passed the Bar in Saskatchewan in 1952.

Even though Bill was a shaman who sometimes donned his eagle feather headdress to lead our Unitarian congregation in healing circles, William was also an intellectual who enjoyed reading atheist Richard Dawkins and debating his talking points.

In 1962, William relocated to Edmonton to work for the Canadian Citizenship branch

Born to parents, James and Jane Priscilla Wuttunee, they lived in Saskatchewan.

William Wuttunee passed away at 87 years old.