Yasmim Gabrielle, Brazilian singer, Died at 17

Yasmin Gabrielle Amaral died on April 22, 2019; she committed suicide. Yasmin was recognised nationally a few years ago for his musical performances in the ‘Raul Gil Program’ (SBT).

She competed in the ‘Me and the Children’ picture and had lots of fun times with the presenter – she named him ‘Grandpa Raul’.


Yasmin last appearance on TV was in 2017, in a special guest appearance on Raul Gil’s show, where she reminisced about her performances.

In 2015, Yasmin further participated in the program and sang a song by the band Calypso.

In 2012, Yasmin lost her mother, who has cancer. Raul already went to the girl’s house, where he talked to his mother, who was then sick.

The young lady also reported that she had lost her brother shortly.

Yasmin Gabrielle Amaral passed away at the age of 17.