Zé do Carmo, Brazilian ceramist, Died at 85

José do Carmo Souza, also known as Zé do Carmo Goiana,  was born on  November 19, 1933, and died on April 26, 2019.

He was a Brazilian ceramist.

do Carmo began to work with clay in 1941 when he was 7 years old and is considered since 2002 a Living Heritage of Pernambuco.

In the year 1980, he, at the request of Dom Hélder Câmara, created a sculpture to be handed over to Pope John Paul II.

Zé do Carmo did not approve the sculpture, of an angel with the face of cangaceiro, saying that that image was profane. The piece was then vetoed and never reached the hands of the Pope, and today, in memoriam, it is in the city of Goiana, in Zé do Carmo’s studio.

do Carmo died on April 26, 2019, during hospitalization at the Belarmino Correia hospital, due to a cardiac arrest resulting from lung problems that he had been fighting for 10 years.

do Carmo Died at 85 years old.